Are You Concerned About the Shape
of Your Baby’s Head?

Your baby may have a common and treatable condition known as Plagiocephaly. While not life-threatening, Plagiocephaly can affect the quality of your child’s life. With over thirty years of extensive experience in the field, Cranial Center provides expert, non-invasive treatment to correct Plagiocephaly and allow your child’s head to grow naturally.

Early Orthotic Intervention

Early orthotic intervention starting between three and eight months of age yields the best results. This strategic time period captures rapid cranial growth, and the orthosis directs the growth towards greater skull symmetry and proportion. Learn More

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What is Plagiocephaly?
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Experienced Orthotists

Our director Stuart Weiner, CPO, LPO has 30 years experience, creating cranial orthoses at the very forefront of this technology.

Friendly Professional Team

Our team of caring and highly trained staff have unparalleled levels of expertise in treating infants with the STARband™ system.

Stress Free and Effective

The STARband™ and STARscanner® provide proven treatment outcomes while making the process less stressful for infants and parents.

Efficient Simplicity

Our licensed orthotists will custom design a Starband for your infant to help ensure that only 1 helmet is needed throughout treatment.

Insurance Assistance

Insurance coverage and concerns can be stressful and daunting. Our friendly staff will provide assistance with insurance dynamics.

FDA Cleared

STARscanner® was the 1st system with FDA clearance & is the most widely used scanning system using Class 1, eye safe lasers.

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